Dew Point

TPK Series
all-in-one compressed air control

Monitoring of drying processes
refrigeration dryer, membrane dryer, adsorption dryer
successor model to TPK 20 / TPK 40 / DEWGUARDPRO

TPK Series
TPK Series

interated alarmmanagement

Easy connection and power supply by latest M12 plug-technology

Wide Touch LCD easy self-explanatory menustructure

integrated data logging up to 100 mio. readings

latest high precision sensor technology

Integrated stainless steel measuring chamber avoids pipe drilling or interruption of compressed air flow

TPK 21 / TPK 41 / TPK 61

separate adjustable alarm settings with pre-/main alarm for every selectable measurant

optical and acoustic alarm

4 potential independent relay outputs every relay is freely configurable (nc/no/ac/ao) upper / lower limit adjustable

free configurable analogue output current
signal (4 ... 20 mA) or voltage signal (0 ... 10 V) free adjustable

additional digital RS485 interface with customizable MODBUS protocol compatibility to external data logger

industry 4.0 ready

optical display „calibration recommended“

LED display „service“ and/or „alarm exceeded“

display multilingual (German, English, French)

measured values can be easily simulated via display

display of statistics of measurement values

Industry 4.0 ready

TPK Series
Touch LCD

  • 3-segment-display individually adaptable
  • easy self-explanatory menu structure
  • menu password protected
  • backlit LC touch display
  • display multilingual (German, English, French)
  • displays dew point / frost point, actual system pressure, medium temperature, class of compressed air acc. to DIN ISO 8573-1, actual relay settings, alarm settings, online help, statistics of measurement values and overview page over all relevant data /settings

TPK Series

Indicator light

with acoustic signal generator and acknowledgement button

· for all devices within TPK SERIES
· flashing yellow light
· loud Piezo buzzer
· wall mounting
· 10 m fixed connecting cable with 5-position, A-coded M12 connector

external relay box

for floating relays

relay box with 4 relays for controlling power consumers

4 x 8 A/230 V relays with changeover contact – power supply included

The TPK SERIES is equipped with 30 V floating outputs. If external units (e.g. electrical ball valve) with a 220 V power supply are controlled by the dew point meter, this relay box would be used to transform the isolated output into the current voltage.


5-position, PUR halogen-free, black-grey RAL 7021

one end straight M12, other end free / length 3 m
one end straight M12, other end free / length 10 m

Sensor/Actuator-cable – extension cable

5-position, PUR halogen-free, black-grey RAL 7021

one end straight M12, other end straight M12 connector / length 3 m
one end straight M12, other end straight M12 connector / length 10 m